ShapeDatabaseServerΒΆ <database> [portnumber=8080]

Runs the FastROCS Server. The preferred usage of is as a service that is left continuously running to avoid the overhead of reading and parsing the database off disk. Run the above command to start a server on a suitable host. By default the service will run on port 8080, though this can be changed by the last command line option.

The server will output dots while loading the database into memory, which can take a considerable amount of time. When the server is done loading the database it will report a total and then go to sleep waiting for queries on the specified port. Queries are serviced through the XMLRPC protocol using the built in libraries that ship with a standard python distribution.


The database load time can be significantly improved by running on the file first and saving it as uncompressed OEB. The program described later will perform such caching.

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