class OEResidueSVGStandardMarkup : public OEResidueSVGMarkupBase

This class represents OEResidueSVGStandardMarkup residue SVG markup functor. If this functor is passed to the OE2DActiveSiteDisplayOptions.SetResidueSVGMarkupFunctor method, the residues will be in svg image when calling the OERenderActiveSite function.

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEResidueSVGMarkupBase:





OEResidueSVGStandardMarkup(const std::string prefix="",
                           const std::string classname="residue",
                           const char separator='-')

Creates an OEResidueSVGStandardMarkup object.


The string that will be added at the beginning of each residue group id. For information about valid ids see OEIsValidSVGGroupId function. By default, no prefix will be added.


The class name that is going to be used to mark residues. For information about valid names see OEIsValidSVGClassName function.


The character used to separate the components (residue name, chain id, residue number) of the group id

By default, the following will be showed in svg image for marking a Leucine residue with chain id ‘A’ and residue number 715:

<g id='LEU-A-715' class='residue'>
list of drawing elements


OEResidueSVGMarkupBase *CreateCopy() const

Deep copy constructor that returns a copy of the object. The memory for the returned OEResidueSVGNoMarkup object is dynamically allocated and owned by the caller.


std::string GetClassName(const OEChem::OEResidue &residue) const

Returns the string that specifies the group id of a residue in an svg image.


std::string GetGroupId(const OEChem::OEResidue &residue) const

Returns the string that specifies the class name of a residue in an svg image.