struct OEIsInvertibleNitrogen : public OESystem::OEUnaryPredicate<OEChem::OEAtomBase>

This class represents OEIsInvertibleNitrogen functor that identifies invertible nitrogen atoms (OEAtomBase).

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEUnaryPredicate:

operator() CreateCopy CreatePredicateCopy

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEUnaryFunction:

operator() CreateCopy  


bool operator()(const OEAtomBase &atom) const

Returns true, if the OEAtomBase.IsNitrogen method returns true for the given OEAtomBase object and the atom has a degree of 3, a valence of 3, is not aromatic, and has less than 3 ring bonds.


OESystem::OEUnaryFunction<OEChem::OEAtomBase , bool> *CreateCopy() const

Deep copy constructor that returns a copy of the object. The memory for the returned OEIsInvertibleNitrogen object is dynamically allocated and owned by the caller.