bool OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo(OEMolBase &mol)

Assigns wedge and hash bonds to a connection table from the OEChem TK stereochemistry of each atom. This function requires that the molecule have 2D coordinates. See example in Figure: Example of using OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo


Example of using OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo: before (A) and after (B) calling the OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo function


This function is the opposite of the OEMDLStereoFromBondStereo function.

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The OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo function preserves wavy bonds (OEBondStereo.Wavy). These can only be removed by calling the OEMDLClearBondStereo function.