class oeofstream : public oeostream

This class represents oeofstream.

Implements an output stream capable of writing to a specified file or to any generic data source with an associated file descriptor.

The following methods are publicly inherited from oeostream:

operator< flush putbyte
close open write

The following methods are publicly inherited from oestream:

operator bool rewind tell
eof seek  
length size  


oeofstream(int ofd)
oeofstream(const char *filename)
oeofstream(const std::string &filename)

Creates a new oeofstream. If a valid file descriptor (‘fd’) is passed to the constructor, the stream will use the associated data target for output. Otherwise, the constructors expect the name of file to be written to. If the named file does not exist, it will be created. If no parameter is passed to the constructor, the stream can later be opened using the open command defined in oeostream or the oeofstream.openfd command defined in this class.


bool append(const char *filename)
bool append(const std::string &filename)

Opens the specified file to which data will be appended. Returns whether or not the file was successfully opened (or created as necessary).


int fd() const

Returns the system dependent file descriptor associated with the stream’s data target.


bool openfd(int ofd, bool closefd)

Sets the data target of the stream to the specified file descriptor ‘fd’. If ‘closefd’ is false, the underlying data target is not closed before changing to the new data source.