void OEDrawBorder(OEImageBase &image, const OEPen &pen)

Draws a border around the image with the given pen.


The image around which the border is drawn.


The graphical properties of the border.

See code snippet below and the corresponding image in Figure: Example of using the OEDrawBorder function.

width, height = 100, 50
image = oedepict.OEImage(width, height)

pen = oedepict.OEPen(oechem.OEWhite, oechem.OELightGreen, oedepict.OEFill_Off, 4.0)
oedepict.OEDrawBorder(image, pen)

oedepict.OEWriteImage("OEDrawBorder.png", image)

Example of using the OEDrawBorder function

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