The OEMolBaseType namespace encodes symbolic constants representing specific OEMolBase class implementation types.

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This namespace contains the following constants:


Used to signal errors.


The default molecule implementation used by OEChem.


A molecule implementation designed to have a very small memory footprint. OEMolBase.Compress can be called to dramatically reduce memory consumption. However, OEMolBase.UnCompress must be called to make the molecule usable again.


A molecule implementation designed to have a small memory footprint, however, the molecule is still usable for molecular algorithms, i.e., substructure searching. This molecule implementation has been tuned for high performance in-memory substructure searching, while maintaining a small memory footprint. OEMolBase.Compress will reduce memory consumption, however, it will put the molecule in a “read-only” state. OEMolBase.UnCompress will make the molecule writeable again.


OEGroupBase information will be lost when compressing molecules that are constructed with the OEMolBaseType_OEMiniMol type.


The maximum numerical value possible from this namespace.