template<class GridType>
class OEFixedMultiGrid : public OEGridBase

This class represents OEFixedMultiGrid.

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEGridBase:

Clear GetXMid GetZMin
CreateCopy GetXMin GridIdxToElement
ElementToGridIdx GetY GridIdxToSpatialCoord
ElementToSpatialCoord GetYDim IsDataType
GetDataType GetYIdx IsInGrid
GetDim GetYInc IsSpacingSet
GetMid GetYMax IsTitleSet
GetSize GetYMid IsXMidSet
GetSpacing GetYMin IsYMidSet
GetTitle GetZ IsZMidSet
GetX GetZDim SetTitle
GetXDim GetZIdx SpatialCoordToElement
GetXIdx GetZInc SpatialCoordToGridIdx
GetXInc GetZMax  
GetXMax GetZMid  

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEGridAbstractBase:

Clear GetTitle GetZMid
GetDataType GetXDim IsDataType
GetDim GetXMid IsSpacingSet
GetMid GetYDim SetTitle
GetSize GetYMid  
GetSpacing GetZDim  

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEBase:

operator= GetData IsDataType
operator+= GetDataIter SetBaseData
AddBaseData GetDataType SetBoolData
AddData GetDoubleData SetData
Clear GetFloatData SetDoubleData
CreateCopy GetIntData SetFloatData
DeleteData GetStringData SetIntData
GetBoolData HasData SetStringData
The following classes derive from this class:


OEFixedGrid<GridType> &operator[](unsigned int igrid)
const OEFixedGrid<GridType> &operator[](unsigned int igrid) const


OEBase *CreateCopy() const


const void *GetDataType() const


unsigned int GetNumGrids() const


GridType *GetValues(unsigned int igrid=0)
const GridType *GetValues(unsigned int igrid=0) const


bool IsDataType(const void *type) const


bool SetNumGrids(unsigned int n)