class OEBondDisplayBase : public OESystem::OEBase

The OEBondDisplayBase class is the abstract interface for representing bond display information within OEDepict TK. See Figure: OEDepict TK bond display class hierarchy.


OEDepict TK bond display class hierarchy

The following classes derive from this class:


const void *GetDataType() const

This function is used to perform run-time type identification.

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const OEChem::OEBondBase *GetBond() const

Returns the const pointer of the OEBondBase object for which display properties are stored in the class derived from the OEBondDisplayBase abstract class.


bool IsDataType(const void *) const

Returns whether type is the same as the instance this method is called on.

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bool IsVisible() const

Returns whether or not the bond is depicted (i.e. visible).


void SetVisible(bool visible)

Sets the visibility of a bond.