void OEDrawActiveSiteLegend(OEDepict::OEImageBase &image,
                            const OE2DActiveSiteDisplay &adisp,
                            const OE2DActiveSiteLegendDisplayOptions &opts)

Draws legend for active site interaction map.


The image on which the color force field legend is drawn.


The OE2DActiveSiteDisplay object that holds the data necessary to depict the interactions of an active site.


The OE2DActiveSiteLegendDisplayOptions object that determines how the legend is depicted.

The following code snippet shows how to use the OEDrawActiveSiteLegend function. The image created is shown in Figure: Example of using the OEDrawActiveSiteLegend function.

// initializing adisp OE2DActiveSiteDisplay object

uint rows = 2;
uint cols = 4;
OE2DActiveSiteLegendDisplayOptions opts = new OE2DActiveSiteLegendDisplayOptions(rows, cols);

OEImage image = new OEImage(600.0, 150.0);
OEGrapheme.OEDrawActiveSiteLegend(image, adisp, opts);

Example of using the OEDrawActiveSiteLegend function


The OEDrawActiveSiteLegend function renders only those residue “glyphs” that are used to depict the interactions of the given active site when calling the OERenderActiveSite function.

Code Example