OEDepict::OENearestAtom OEGetNearbyAtom(const OE2DActiveSiteDisplay &disp,
                  const OEDepict::OE2DPoint &point, double radiusscale=1.0)

Returns an OENearestAtom object that stores a pointer of the atom which is depicted nearest to a given 2D display coordinates. By default, only atoms that not further than half bond away from the given point will be considered.


The OE2DActiveSiteDisplay object of which atoms are being considered.


Specifies the 2D display coordinates.


The multiplier that can be used to increase or to decrease the radius around the given point to be considered. This value has to be in a range of \([0.25, 2.0]\).


If there is no atom close to the given display coordinates, then the OENearestBond.IsValid method returns false.

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