class OEFlipperClassicOptions : public OEFlipperOptions

.. warning::


   This class was introduced to allow validation of previous flipper results against the preferred
   updated flag options. It will be removed in a subsequent release.

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The OEFlipperClassicOptions class defines the following public methods:


OEFlipperClassicOptions(const OEFlipperClassicOptions &)

Default and copy constructors.


OEFlipperClassicOptions &operator=(const OEFlipperClassicOptions &)

Assignment operator.


const OESystem::OEUnaryPredicate<OEChem::OEAtomBase>* GetAtomPredicate() const

See SetAtomPredicate method.


const OESystem::OEUnaryPredicate<OEChem::OEBondBase>* GetBondPredicate() const

See SetBondPredicate method.


bool GetEnhancedStereo() const

See SetEnhancedStereo method.


bool GetEnumBridgehead() const

See SetEnumBridgehead method.


bool GetEnumEZ() const

See SetEnumEZ method.


bool GetEnumNitrogen() const

See SetEnumNitrogen method.


bool GetEnumRS() const

See SetEnumRS method.


bool GetEnumSpecifiedStereo() const

See SetEnumSpecifiedStereo method.


unsigned GetMaxCenters() const

See SetMaxCenters method.


bool GetWarts() const

See SetWarts method.


bool SetAtomPredicate(const OESystem::OEUnaryPredicate<OEChem::OEAtomBase>&)

Provides an input atom predicate to define the selection of the atom stereocenters which should be enumerated. For explicit user predicates, the bond predicate must also be provided explicitly, see SetBondPredicate method.


bool SetBondPredicate(const OESystem::OEUnaryPredicate<OEChem::OEBondBase>&)

Provides an input bond predicate to define the selection of the bond stereocenters which should be enumerated. For explicit user predicates, the atom predicate must also be provided explicitly, see SetAtomPredicate method.


bool SetEnhancedStereo(const bool)

Sets whether to consider explicit MDL enhanced stereogroups during flipping or not. Enhanced stereogroups generally contain a collection of stereocenters which should be considered as a collective unit, where a ‘flip’ implies that all centers in the group should be flipped, thus retaining the relative stereo parity between the grouped stereocenters. With this flag enabled, far fewer enantiomers will be generated than for individual stereocenter flipping activities, and relative stereo configurations will be retained. When enabled, explicitly marked absolute stereocenters are excluded from the flipping activities. Default: False.


The membership and type of existing enhanced stereogroups are not modified as a result of the flipping operation. That is, explicit stereogroups of and and or are not promoted to abs groups as a result of stereocenter parity flips. This retains the source of original stereogroup(s) in the generated isomer(s) for post-flipping validations and processing. This behavior is true regardless of the setting of GetEnhancedStereo. Stereocenters can be explicitly promoted to abs centers by deletion of all stereogroups, or deleting all stereogroups and adding marked stereocenters to a single new abs stereogroup.

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bool SetEnumBridgehead(const bool)

Sets whether to enumerate bridgehead stereocenters or not. Default: False.


bool SetEnumEZ(const bool)

Sets whether to enumerate only E/Z stereocenters or not. Default: False.


bool SetEnumNitrogen(const bool)

Controls the behavior with respect to enumeration of nonterminal nitrogens. Any nitrogen with pyramidal geometry in the initial model of the input molecule, and having no more than two ring bonds is considered to be ‘invertible’. Will enumerate all possible puckers if set to true. Default: False.


bool SetEnumRS(const bool)

Sets whether to enumerate only R/S stereocenters or not. Default: False.


bool SetEnumSpecifiedStereo(const bool)

Sets whether to force the modification of all of the stereocenters in a molecule or not. If false, will only enumerate stereocenters which do not already have a specified stereochemistry. Default: False.


bool SetMaxCenters(const unsigned)

Sets the maximum number of stereocenters or groups of stereocenters which will be fully enumerated. Default: 12.


bool SetWarts(const bool)

Sets whether to generate unique titles for molecules. Default: False.