OEDepict TK 2.3.2

New features

Major bug fixes

  • A memory issue that caused OEPrepareAlignedDepiction function to crash has been fixed. The performance of molecule alignment has been also improved.

Minor bug fixes

  • Clashes between atom labels and inside bond lines of rings have been eliminated in cases when font scales larger than the default value were used. See the example below.



    ../../_images/MitterBond-Scale-2016-Feb.png ../../_images/MitterBond-Scale-2016-Jun.png

C#-specific changes

OEImageBase.DrawArc method no longer throws an “Out Of Memory” error message when drawing an arc with a small angle and/or small radius. For more details, see Graphics.DrawArc Method.

Documentation changes

  • All images in the OEDepict TK documentation were automatically regenerated to reflect the changes made since the previous release.