OEDepict TK 2.3.2

New features

Major bug fixes

  • A memory issue that caused OEPrepareAlignedDepiction function to crash has been fixed. The performance of molecule alignment has been also improved.

Minor bug fixes

  • Clashes between atom labels and inside bond lines of rings have been eliminated in cases when font scales larger than the default value were used. See the example below.

    2016.Feb 2016.Jun
    ../../_images/MitterBond-Scale-2016-Feb.png ../../_images/MitterBond-Scale-2016-Jun.png

C#-specific changes

OEImageBase.DrawArc method no longer throws an “Out Of Memory” error message when drawing an arc with a small angle and/or small radius. For more details, see Graphics.DrawArc Method.

Documentation changes

  • All images in the OEDepict TK documentation were automatically regenerated to reflect the changes made since the previous release.