GraphemeTM TK 1.3.4

New features

  • The following new API has been added to customize peptide depiction:

    The main feature is that OEDrawPeptide now can generate interactive SVG images where the amino acid components of the compact peptide representation are depicted on mouse-over.

Hover over any circle below

Example of interactive SVG image generated by OEDrawPeptide


Hover over the legend label or any circle representing a residue

Example of interactive SVG image generated by OERenderActiveSite


  • The OEBondGlyphZigZag constructor now takes a parameter that allows drawing diagonal zig-zag lines across a bond.


    Example of using the OEBondGlyphZigZag class

  • OEGrapheme TK now uses the new thread-safe OEShape TK API to generate shape and color overlaps for OEShapeQueryDisplay and OEShapeOverlapDisplay classes.

Minor bug fixes