Quiet Filtering

Log output can be superfluous when using the OEFilter object in a more complex program. Since all the log output is written to the OEThrow object the verbosity level can be lowered by using the OEThrow.SetLevel method. This example demonstrates setting the OEThrow error level to OEErrorLevel_Warning. This will only allow messages at the level of Warning or above to be emitted, thereby silencing the OEFilter object’s logging output.

Command Line Interface

A description of the command line interface can be obtained by executing the program with the –help argument.

prompt> python quietfilter.py --help

will generate the following output:

Simple parameter list
 filter options :
   -filtertype : filter type

 input/output options :
   -in : Input filename
   -out : Output filename


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prompt> python quietfilter.py -in mcss.smi.gz -out .smi -filtertype Lead