The following video tutorials highlight basic features of Orion.

Getting Started


Description and Location

First Steps

Basics of Projects.

Looking at Data

The Tile View.

Define Floes and Cubes

Running Worklow-Based Programs in Orion.

Analyzing Data


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Analysis Basics

Selecting and Analyzing Data.

3D Features

You can view your structures in 3D while selecting and highlighting your structures in the scatter plot. In the 3D Modeling page, you can examine the binding site of a receptor.


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Binding Site

Viewing the Binding Site of a Receptor.

Examining a binding site

Badges and Lists

Learn about badges and lists on the 3D Modeling page.

Protein Editing

Editing a Protein on the 3D Modeling page.

Styling Small Molecules

Styling Small Molecules on the 3D Modeling page.

Editing Small Molecules

Editing Small Molecules on the 3D Modeling page.

Data Organization


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Folders and Sharing.

Types and Operations

Importing, Exporting, Converting.

Discussion Boards


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Tips and Hints about Discussion Boards.

Further User Tutorials


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Basic Steps for Docking.

Finding Floes

Using Categories and Search Terms to Find Floes.

Launching Floes

Enable Quick Launch and Refine Input Options.

Shareable Links

Using Links to Share Information with Project Team Members.



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Data Management

Managing Data at Different Levels.

Cost Accounting

Setting Job Limits and Monitoring Jobs.

User Management

Activating and Deactivating, Managing Roles.