2023.3.1 Release Notes


  • The new Molecule Search page provides the ability to search using similarity in two or three dimensions; with substructures; using matches with search terms; and by molecule title.

  • On the Analyze page, selected spreadsheet columns can be included while exporting from a dataset.

  • Selected cells can be copied directly to the system clipboard while using the Analyze page.

  • A procedure is documented for deleting a user, which reassigns the projects and data owned by the deleted user.

Project Data

Sketcher Improvements

The Sketcher has been updated with new pan and zoom icons and with improved features for specifying atoms in a sketched molecule. The improvements are available wherever the Sketcher is employed, including the new Molecule Search page.

Collection Metadata

Pregenerated metadata are provided for some collections, which facilitates work with those collections by allowing immediate visualization of the metadata.

Analyze Page

Tethered Points and Spreadsheet Rows

When a point in the plot is selected, the spreadsheet navigates to the row representing that point. You can also select a row in the spreadsheet and see the corresponding point identified in the plot.

Copy and Paste of Spreadsheet Cells

Cells in a spreadsheet can be copied to the clipboard.

Information for Programmers

Changes and topics related to programming Orion Floes and Cubes are documented in the Programming Guide.