2019.3.1 Release


  • Orion expenses are now available in admin mode. Orion organization admins can query or filter job costs or other AWS costs.

  • Orion organization admins can now modify certain options of Auto Scaling Groups (ASG).

  • Orion now supports auto logout or timeout following a period of user inactivity.


New Features

  • Orion now supports auto logout or timeout following a period of user inactivity. By default, users will be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity. When logging back in, users are redirected to the last page they were working on. Note: A backend timeout setting of “0:00:00” should never automatically log out a user.

  • Password validation has been added to ensure a minimum password length, and that passwords are not common names.

  • Notifications have been reformatted to be more clear.

  • The Current Project is now more easily visible in Project Data, job results, and dialog modals.

  • Old tutorial popups have been removed.

Major Bug Fixes

  • A bug that affected the reading and writing of datasets with IntVecs and blob fields has been fixed. The datarecord can now roundtrip negative numbers inside of an IntVec where the high bit is a multiple of 8.

  • An issue that impacted running jobs on a scaling group where the CPU count is not a power of 2 has been resolved.

  • A bug that affected running a job on a spot instance and then terminating the instance has been fixed. Running jobs are no longer terminated when a spot instance goes away.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Users will now get correct notifications when a resource is shared with a project or organization.


New Features

  • The My Expenses tab now includes AWS data storage costs.

Project Summary

New Features

  • Minor improvements have been made to the Project Summary page.

Project Data

New Features

  • The Project Data page has been redesigned for a better user experience.

  • Datasets and files can now be moved between projects.

  • Users can now archive datasets and/or restore datasets from the Archive folder.

  • Datasets and file IDs are now displayed. However, users cannot sort datasets and files by ID.

  • Tagging on Project Data:

    • Users can now add and remove tags inline in the dataset row.

    • Users can now drop a resource onto a project tag.

    • Hierarchical tagging has been added.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Multiple items can now be restored from the Trash at the same time.

  • Collections can now be renamed.

  • An error that prevented users from deleting collections or files has been fixed.

  • A bug that prevented files with .dat and .mmd extensions from uploading into Orion has been fixed.

  • A bug that prevented large datasets from being finalized has been fixed. Users can now finalize datasets and, additionally, interact with unfinalized datasets (share, delete, etc.).

  • The logic for bulk re-sharing of multiple datasets has been fixed.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Users can now filter items by owner.

  • Bulk tagging of multiple resources has been fixed.

  • Switching between files, datasets, and collections no longer breaks the list.

  • Selecting text from Project Data table rows is now enabled.

3D Viewer

New Features

  • A new menu bar has been added to the 3D viewer. Users can now access the following menus:

    • View

    • Select

    • Modeling

    • Tools

    • Help

Major Bug Fixes

  • The 3D sketcher no longer throws an error message when saving molecules.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • A Focused molecule is now displayed in the 3D viewer.


New Features

  • The handling of large datasets has been improved. Plot data now loads incrementally and load progress is shown with a progress bar.

  • Coloring spreadsheet cells by value using the Heatmap option in the spreadsheet menu has been added.

  • Auto-binning for numeric/categorical columns in the plot is now enabled.

  • A Lasso selection option for scatter plots has been added.

Major Bug Fixes

  • A bug that affected the categorical coloring of points when some of the points were invalid has been fixed.

  • Cancelling the plot load no longer breaks the plot.

  • Applying filters now triggers fewer automatic plot reloads.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • An error that occurred when applying a tag to a record selected in the plot has been fixed.

  • The plot no longer rescales when filters are applied.

  • The positioning of molecule depictions over the plot has been fixed.

  • Minor improvements to scrolling and then sorting the spreadsheet have been made.

Iterative Design

New Features

  • In the 3D Editor, a co-crystallized ligand can now be edited inside a protein.

Major Bug Fixes

  • The model name is now being added to the plot.

Floe UI

New Features

  • Floe Editor:

    • Cube and Floe descriptions now appear in the Info panel when selected.

    • Support for “collection_sink” parameter types has been added.

    • Performance when dragging Cubes, especially in Firefox browsers, has been improved.

  • Jobs page:

    • Jobs can now be searched by job ID.

    • An option to filter jobs by state (i.e., queued, running, stopping, and complete) has been added.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Floe Editor:

    • The connections between finished Cubes should not get stuck in an active/orange state.

    • Selecting multiple Cubes in a group now gives the correct information in the Info panel.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Clicking back to Jobs from the Job Details page now retains the previous state of the Jobs list.

  • FieldParameters in the Job Form are now being handled better.

Data Sources

New Features

  • Numerous improvements have been made to the MMDS-Orion interface. Please consult the MMDS documentation for more details.

  • Minor improvements have been made to the FastROCS-Orion interface. Please consult the FastROCS documentation for more details.

Admin Mode

New Features

  • Scaling Groups:

    • The Scaling Groups page layout has been reorganized.

    • Orion organization admins can now modify certain options of ASGs.

  • Features:

    • Orion organization admins can now enable and disable features in the System.

  • Cost Accounting:

    • Users and Projects lists are now interactive. Users can now filter costs by user name or project name.

    • Infrastructure Expenses such as AWS Cost and Storage costs are now displayed in the Spend charts.