Cost Accounting


This page is only visible to Orion organization admins.

This page displays Orion cost accounting information.


The Cost Accounting subpage shows an organization’s current running balance, estimated total costs, estimated user and project cost breakdowns in charts, and a ledger. Categories on charts can be seen by moving the mouse cursor onto different parts of the graph.

Current Balance

This displays the current estimated running balance of this Orion account after subtracting Total Costs and adjusting for any credits.

Date Range

This allows users to select the date range for displaying Total Costs and Credits. The default date range is seven days.

AWS Total Costs

The usage table shows the estimated AWS costs for the date range selected and is broken down into the following categories:

AWS Cost Breakdown



Example Cost


Orion organization admin added expense. Usually added to reconcile the actual cost versus estimated cost.



Total user job costs on EC2 compute servers.


Storage Costs

Per-user and bulk storage expense. Includes storage costs for collections, datasets, files, and temporary files.



The sum of all expenses.



Orion organization admin added funds.


Downloadable Cost Data

With an OCLI command, a user can generate a comma-separated-value (CSV) file containing a breakdown of cost data. If you are a Managed Service customer, see the documentation on the ocli cost export command. SaaS customers can open a support request to obtain a copy of this CSV.


The job charts are categorized by user or project. Job costs account for the majority of the EC2 (compute servers) portion of the costs seen in the AWS Cost Breakdown.

Ledger Entries

Orion provides estimates of an organization’s current balance and allocates costs to users and projects. Even if Orion is not used for a period of time, a cost is incurred for stored data.

At the end of each job, Orion estimates its cost and adds an entry to the organization ledger.

Storage ledger entries are added periodically on a per-user basis. These are calculated by summing the sizes of collections, datasets, files, and other objects stored in S3 on behalf of users.

Ledger entries include OpenEye’s markup.

Ledger Entry Types




Admin added funds


Admin added expense


Per-user incremental storage expense for collections, datasets, files, and floe packages


Per-job EC2 expense