2023.1.1 Release Notes


Project Summary

New Features

Project Data

Bug Fixes

  • The user interface for moving items has been improved.

  • Substructure filter operation has been improved over multiple datasets. (Substructure search was incorrectly reporting in some instances that “some calculations failed.”)

Floe Page

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Admin users will get a useful error message if they try to run a job from a project to which they don’t belong.

  • When a parameter is set on one copy of a cube, it no longer appears as if it has been set on all copies of that cube, so long as they all have different names.

3D Modeling

New Features

  • New features have been introduced for enabling and modifying receptor constraints directly on the 3D Modeling page.

  • The 3D Viewer now auto-fits when:

    1. First coming to a scene,

    2. Nothing is visible, and

    3. New datasets have been added.

    If nothing is currently displayed in the 3D Viewer when a dataset is made active, the first record of that dataset is automatically displayed.


New Features

  • Performance of the page has been improved when displaying large datasets. Also, the display replots more frequently, based on the elapsed time; previously the display updated after a certain amount of data had been displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • The 3D viewer is more robust when displaying certain problematic molecules, such as some with geometrically deformed ring systems.

Programmers’ Notes

Changes and topics related to programming of Orion Floes and cubes are documented in the Programming Guide.