2023.2.1 Release Notes


  • There is a new Import Biomolecule wizard in Project Data.

  • There is a new Edit DU Receptor feature in 3D Modeling.

  • There is new feature to generate debug logs; see Floe Page.

Project Data

Import Biomolecule Wizard


Adding a biomolecule with the new wizard

A new Biomolecule Import option allows you to simultaneously import and prepare your PDB codes, files, or MTZ files. This import option automatically uses Spruce to prepare structures to be floe- and modeling-ready, by building out any missing information and packaging your data as Design Units. See the release highlights video for a demonstration. Import Biomolecule is also available in the 3D Modeling page (File> Import Biomolecule).

Search by Job Tag

Project Tags

Project tags on resources, created with ocli commands, are now searchable by all users who have access to the resource.

3D Modeling Page

Edit DU Receptor

You can now modify your receptor grid from the 3D Modeling page. With a DU (design unit) selected, you can use this new item on the Modeling drop-down menu.


Defining the grid enclosing a receptor

Opening the Receptor Editor allows you to adjust the size and position of an auto-generated box that defines the confines of your receptor grid. You can make adjustments with mouse clicks and can click-and-hold to make a series of adjustments.

A user can add a new receptor to a DU if the DU does not have a receptor. See the release highlights video for a demonstration.

Bug Fixes

  • Small clashes were not always rendered in 3D interactions. This has been corrected.

  • User-defined components in design units were not recognized. This has been fixed.

Analyze Page

Display PNG in Analyze Spreadsheet

Blob fields with the Hints.Image_PNG meta data option will be rendered as PNGs in the Analyze spreadsheet.

Control Precision of Displayed Floating-Point Numbers

Floe authors can set one of the meta data options Display.Precision1, Display.Precision2, Display.Precision3, Display.Precision4, or the attribute Values.Precision on dataset fields, to control how many digits past the decimal point are displayed in the spreadsheet.

String Fields Can Be Plotted Regardless of the Number of Values

You can plot any string field, regardless of whether it is categorical.

Bug Fixes

  • The performance of deselecting data points has been improved.

Floe Page

Full Dataset Name Displayed

If you hover over the dataset name in the job submission form, the complete dataset name is displayed in a tooltip and can be copied with the clipboard icon next to the name.

Generate Debug Log

You can generate a debug log for a finished job, using a new Generate button in the Results dialog. The debug log is mailed to you as a compressed tar file.


New button to generate debug log

Bug Fixes

  • The job status was still showing orange for some cubes even when the job was complete. This problem is fixed.

  • Submitted string values for field parameters could be empty strings instead of null or no-value if the user edited, then cleared the string. This has been corrected.

  • Searching with UUID in the Packages view did not work. This has been corrected.

Information for Programmers

Changes and topics related to programming of Orion Floes and Cubes are documented in the Programming Guide.