OEDepict TK 2.3.6

New features

  • The following API has been added to increase the reporting capabilities of OEDepict TK:


    Example of depicting molecules and data using image table

  • The following API has been added to render labels associated with certain parts of the depicted molecule:


    Example of adding labels on molecule depiction

  • A new function, OEDrawText, has been added.

  • The constructor of the OEHighlightByLasso class now takes a parameter that determines the width of the “lasso” used for highlighting. The corresponding GetLineWidthScale and SetLineWidthScale methods have been added.

  • A new constructor has been added to the OEImageFrame class that generates a new image with equal padding around it.

  • A new function, OEWriteReportPageByPage, has been added.

  • A new constructor has been added to the OE2DPath class that copies and rotates an already existing path.

Preliminary API - New Functionalities

Preliminary API - API Changes

Major bug fixes

  • Objects that have been drawn in hidden SVG groups are no longer visible in other image file formats. For example, when adding hover text to atoms (using the OEDrawSVGHoverText function), the text will only be visible in SVG images when the mouse is moved over a displayed atom. If the image is written into any other image file format, the hover text is no longer visible.



    ../../_images/HoverAtomText-2017-Jun.png ../../_images/HoverAtomText-2017-Oct.png
  • When generating interactive SVG images, hover text (OEDrawSVGToggleText) and click events (OEAddSVGClickEvent) can both be added to atoms and bonds.

Minor bug fixes

  • The Ogham API, deprecated since 2014, is no longer available.

Documentation changes