template<class Arg, class Result, bool ConstArg, bool ConstFcn>
class OEUnaryFunction

This class represents OEUnaryFunction.

This is the default functor base-class in OEChem.

The following specializations exist for this template:

  • OESystem::OEUnaryFunction< Arg, Result, false, false >

  • OESystem::OEUnaryFunction< Arg, Result, false, true >

  • OESystem::OEUnaryFunction< Arg, Result, true, false >

The following classes derive from this class:


Result operator()(const Arg &) const =0

It is a virtual const OEUnaryFunction.operator() which takes a const argument.


base_type *CreateCopy() const =0

It is a virtual const constructor which allows copying of concrete derived objects using a reference to this base class.