OEDepict TK 2.1.0

New features

  • Fixed a bug in LineStipple in the C# native OEMolDepiction implementation. And added the missing DrawPie() method.

Major bug fixes

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed the coordinate system to start from the top-left corner for raster images on OS X when using the OEImageBase.DrawPoint method. This was causing images to appear flipped around the y-axis.

  • The colors for OEGetHighlightColor were sometimes not initialized properly due to undefined library initialization order. This was causing the function to always return white.

  • Atoms that have both the atomic number and the atom map index of zero will now be rendered as *.

  • Synchronized code examples in all four supported languages (C++, Python, Java and C#) to ensure that they have the same behavior and generate identical images.

  • OEPrepareDepiction and OEDepictCoordinates could crash or generate random coordinates for molecules with adjacent spiro centers.

Documentation changes

  • Added the Multi Page Reports section to document the usage of the OEReport object.

  • All images in the documentation were automatically regenerated to reflect the changes made since the previous release.