OEDepict TK 2.0.0

New features


PNG support is based upon the cairo graphics library on Linux. Building a C++ application with PNG support will require a version of libcairo to be installed. OEDepict TK has no specific version requirement for this library, so the cairo package can be installed through traditional distribution specific means: rpm, yum, yast, zypper, etc.

It is also possible to link to a version of OEDepict TK without any dependency on libcairo by linking oedepict-noraster instead.

  • Supporting multi-page images (see the Multi Page Image chapter)

  • Supporting to depict MDL queries (see the MDL Query Depiction chapter)

  • Supporting MDL reaction depiction (see the MDL Reaction Depiction chapter)

  • Providing more than 40 example codes in four different languages (C++, Python, Java, C#) that demonstrate the functionalities of the the new toolkit.

  • Providing 10 C++ applications (see the OEDepict Examples Summary chapter)

Deprecated Ogham

The following classes, functions and namespaces are not going to be supported any longer and will be deprecated in the future:

Deprecated Ogham classes:

  • OE8BitImage

  • OEAtomStyle

  • OEBondStyle

  • OEDepictBase

  • OEDepictColor

  • OEDepictView

  • OEPSImage

  • OEPoly

  • OEPolyF

  • OESVGImage

  • OEVert

  • OEVertF

Deprecated Ogham functions:

  • OEWriteBMP

  • OEWriteEPS

  • OEWriteGIF

  • OEWritePPM

  • OEWriteRGB

  • OEWriteXPM

Deprecated Ogham namespace:

  • OENamedColor