OEDepict TK 2.0.0

New features


PNG support is based upon the cairo graphics library on Linux. Most linux distributions install this shared library by default, but it may be possible for a super stripped down installation to not include it. OEDepict TK has no specific version requirement for this library, so the cairo package can be installed through traditional distribution specific means: rpm, yum, yast, zypper, etc.

  • Supporting multi-page images (see the Multi Page Image chapter)

  • Supporting to depict MDL queries (see the MDL Query Depiction chapter)

  • Supporting MDL reaction depiction (see the MDL Reaction Depiction chapter)

  • Providing more than 40 example codes in four different languages (C++, Python, Java, C#) that demonstrate the functionalities of the the new toolkit.

  • Providing 10 C++ applications (see the OEDepict Examples Summary chapter)

Deprecated Ogham

The following classes, functions and namespaces are not going to be supported any longer and will be deprecated in the future:

Deprecated Ogham classes:

  • OE8BitImage

  • OEAtomStyle

  • OEBondStyle

  • OEDepictBase

  • OEDepictColor

  • OEDepictView

  • OEPSImage

  • OEPoly

  • OEPolyF

  • OESVGImage

  • OEVert

  • OEVertF

Deprecated Ogham functions:

  • OEWriteBMP

  • OEWriteEPS

  • OEWriteGIF

  • OEWritePPM

  • OEWriteRGB

  • OEWriteXPM

Deprecated Ogham namespace:

  • OENamedColor