bool OESetupSplitMolComplexOptions(OESplitMolComplexOptions &opts,
                                   const OESystem::OEInterface &itf,
                                   unsigned siteOverride =OESplitMolComplexParam::DoNotOverride,
                                   unsigned modelOverride=OESplitMolComplexParam::DoNotOverride)

Initializes an OESplitMolComplexOptions object from the parameters of a given interface.

The parameters siteOverride and modelOverride can be used to ResetFilters with values other than that from the interface object. For example, by setting siteOverride to 0, filters will be set up to select for all sites regardless what was specified on the command line and then stored in the interface. These parameters are convenient when iterating over sites and/or models in a system. By default, these parameters will not override the interface object.