The Types namespace contains a number of OEFieldType objects. These are used as arguments to the OEMakeField function, to indicate the data type of the field to be created.

The following table shows the members of the Types namespace and the corresponding value types.

Types member type stored on OERecord
Int OELongLong (64-bit signed int)
Float double
String std::string
Bool bool
Blob std::vector<unsigned char>
Range OERange
Record OERecord
Chem::Mol OEMol
IntVec std::vector<OELongLong>
FloatVec std::vector<double>
StringVec std::vector<std::string>
BoolVec std::vector<bool>
BlobVec std::vector<std::vector<unsigned char>>
RecordVec std::vector<OERecord>
Chem::MolVec std::vector<OEMol>

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