Gigadock Warp Details


The Gigadock Warp floe is designed to approximate a full Gigadock job at a fraction of the cost using a combination of docking and FastROCS. The input to Gigadock Warp is a design unit(s) and a collection(s) of molecules to dock, the same as the Gigadock floe. The ‘Chemgauss4’ (default), ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Fast Fred’ scoring method from Gigadock are also available in Gigadock Warp. The primary output of the Gigadock Warp is a 10K hit list of top scoring docked molecules.


Gigadock Warp works as follows.

  1. Dock a random subset of one percent of the molecules

  2. Construct a feature vector for all input molecules with the following

    • FastROCS Combo and Shapes Tanimoto similarities to the 100 top scoring molecules from step 1

    • Tree Fingerprint bits

    • The following 2D properties and there squared and cross terms: Molecular Weight, 2D Polar Surface Area, XLogP, Number of Acceptors, Number of Donors, Number of Hydrogen Atoms, Number of Heavy Atoms, Number of Carbon Atoms, Number of Nitrogen Atoms, Number of Oxygen Atoms, Number of Fluorine Atoms, Number of Phosphorous Atoms, Number of Sulphur Atoms, Number of Chlorine Atoms, Number of Bromine Atoms, Number of Iodine Atoms, Number of Rotatable Bonds, Number of Bonds, Number of Heavy Bonds, Number of Single Bonds, Number of Heavy Single Bonds, Number of Double Bonds, Number of Triple Bonds, Number of Aromatic Bonds, Number of Rings, Number of Aromatic Rings

  3. Train a linear regression model of the docking score using the molecules from step 1 and the features constructed in step 2

  4. Predict the docking score of all molecules not docked in step 1

  5. Dock 4 percent of the molecules from with the highest predicted docking score

  6. Write and output hit list of the top scoring molecules docked in either step 1 or 5


Flow chart of how Gigadock Warp works.

Performance Compared to Gigadock

Comparison Gigadock Warp and Gigadock Results Docking 1.4 Billion Molecules.

Gigadock Cost

Gigadock Warp Cost

Molecules Common to Gigadock and Gigadock Warp 10K Hit List

Phosphodiesterase 5a (Fred)




MCL-1 (Fred)




MCL-1 (Hybrid)




Mineralcorticoid Receptor (Fred)




Mineralcorticoid Receptor (Hybrid)