Reaction & Reagent Database - Directory Listing

Category Paths

Follow one of these paths in the Orion user interface, to find the floe.

  • Role-based/Cheminformatician/Medicinal Chemistry Support

  • Role-based/Cheminformatician/Corporate Collection Support


This floe will generate a Reaction & Reagent Directory listing from the provided Reaction & Reagent Database as a floe report.

As many of the other reaction floes use either the reaction name or a specific reagent name, the directory information can be used for reference and as a source to copy and paste valid identifiers for use in other floes.

Promoted Parameters

Title in user interface (promoted name)

Advanced Options

Allow Functional Group Conversions (funcgroups): If ON, counts functional group transform reagents in the reagent totals

  • Type: boolean

  • Default: False

  • Choices: [True, False]

Export Directory as CSV File Resource (out_csv_file): Output the Reaction & Reagent Directory listing as a CSV file as well as a floe report.

  • Type: file_out

Reaction & Reagent Database Memory Limit (rxndir_memory): The memory limit in effect for generating the directory floe report. It may need to be increased for large R&R Databases.

  • Required

  • Type: decimal

  • Default: 10128

Output Logging Verbosity (verbosity): Controls the logging verbosity level.

  • Type: string

  • Choices: [‘info’, ‘warning’, ‘error’, ‘debug’, ‘ddebug’]