BROOD - DB File to Collection

Category Paths

Follow one of these paths in the Orion user interface, to find the floe.

  • Product-based/BROOD

  • Role-based/Computational Chemist

  • Solution-based/Virtual-screening/DB Search

  • Task-based/Scaffold-Hopping

  • Role-based/Medicinal Chemist


BROOD - DB File to Collection is a tool for converting a Brood Database (tar.gz) File into a Brood Database Collection.

The generated collection can be used with the BROOD - 3D Fragment Replacement floe as the database from which to generate bioisosteric analogs by replacing specified portions of a Brood Query.

Titles of required parameters (promoted names)

  • Fragment Database file (db_file_field) type: file_in:
  • Collection Name (collection_name) type: collection_sink: Name of the collection to create
    Default: Brood DB collection