Sample Collection


Randomly samples the contents of a FastROCS or GigaDocking collections and writes the sample to a dataset.

If the total size of the collection is less than the sample size the entire collection will be written to the dataset

Note: Some older externalized collections in Organization Data cannot be passed this is floe (an error will occur).

See also

This floes is used in the Prepare Vendor Database for Giga Docking and FastROCS tutorial.


Title : Sample Collection
Tags : Munging Large Scale Floes Utility
Python Name : #10_sample_collection



  • Input Collection FastROCS or Giga Docking collection to sample. Requires exactly 1 collection.
    Type : collection_source
    Required : True
    Python Name : input_collection


  • Output Sample Dataset Output dataset to write to
    Type : dataset_out
    Required : True
    Default : Sample Dataset
    Python Name : output_sample_dataset


  • Sample Size Number of records to sample from the collection. Max value 100,000.
    Type : integer
    Required : True
    Default : 1000
    Max Value : 1000000
    Python Name : sample_size