Dataset Manipulation – Field Type Conversion

Category Paths

Follow one of these paths in the Orion user interface, to find the floe.

  • Task-based/Data Science/Conversion


Convert the type of a record field in an input dataset between string, integer, float, or boolean. That record field must have the basic type specified in the “Input Field Type” parameter. Exactly one field of that type MUST be selected in the Input data field parameter group for the floe to complete. If an input field parameter has not been selected to match the type of the “Input Field Type” parameter, the floe will fail at runtime.

Promoted Parameters

Title in user interface (promoted name)


Input Dataset (in): Input Dataset.

  • Required

  • Type: data_source

Input Type and Output Type

Type of field to convert (Input_field_type): The type of the field that will be converted.

  • Required

  • Type: string

  • Default: String

  • Choices: [‘String’, ‘Integer’, ‘Float’, ‘Boolean’]

Type of output field (Output_field_type): The output type of the field that is converted.

  • Required

  • Type: string

  • Default: String

  • Choices: [‘String’, ‘Integer’, ‘Float’, ‘Boolean’]

Input data field

Input Boolean Field (in_bool): Boolean field to convert.

  • Type: field_parameter::bool

Input Integer Field (in_int): Integer field to convert.

  • Type: field_parameter::int

Input Float Field (in_float): Float field to convert.

  • Type: field_parameter::float

Input String Field (in_string): String field to convert.

  • Type: field_parameter::string


Output Dataset (out): Name of output dataset with type conversion.

  • Required

  • Type: dataset_out

  • Default: output dataset