Collection to File


Concatenates all shards of a collection into a single file. All shards must have the same format. Validation is done to ensure that the format is concatenable. All shards of the input collection(s) must have the same format, and the output file format always matches the collection.

The purpose of this floe is to convert a FastROCS collection into a file that can be used with a FastROCS server (rather than floe).


Title : Collection to File
Tags : Large Scale Floes Collection File Utility
Python Name : #11_collection_to_file



  • Input Collection An input collection to convert into a file.
    Type : collection_source
    Required : True
    Python Name : collection_in


  • Output Base Filename Basename of the output file (without the format extension). The format extension will automatically be added to this name. The format is always the same as the format of the collection/shards.
    Type : string
    Required : False
    Python Name : filename


  • Verbose If ‘On’, this floe will write to the log file each time a shard is processed.
    Type : boolean
    Required : False
    Default : True
    Choices :True, False
    Python Name : verbose