MMDS Floes Documentation

This is a package of Floes for preparation of biomolecule and biological information to be stored in collections and the Macro Molecular Data Service (MMDS). It is a lightweight Floe package using only Cubes from the Snowball package.


All of these floes should be run only by an MMDS administrator, due to the permissions needed to add data to MMDS as well as the cost associated with running these floes.

The floes are divided into two sections: Data preparation (Floes 1–3) and data upload (Floes 4–8). The specializations of the dataset preparation floes depend on the data source, being RCSB for PDB structures, and UniProt for target sequences and similarities. These target structures are organized by the family and target classification provided by the Guide To Pharmacology. If no classification defines a target, it is placed in an Uncategorized classification.