template<class T>
template<class T> class OEMatchPair

This class represents OEMatchPair.

The OEMatchPair template class represents both atom-atom and bond-bond equivalences in pattern matching. Each OEMatchPair represents a correspondence (or matching) between a pattern atom or bond in the query molecule, and a target atom or bond in the target molecule, respectively.



Default constructor.

OEMatchPair(const T *p, const T *t)

Initializes the OEMatchPair object with either an atom (OEAtomBase) or a bond (OEBondBase) pair.


OEMatchPair<T> &operator=(const OEMatchPair<T> &rhs)

Assignment operator that copies the data of the ‘rhs’ OEMatchPair object into the right-hand side OEMatchPair object.