Command Line Help

A description of the command line interface can be obtained by executing OMEGA with the –help option.

prompt> oeomega --help

will generate the following output:

Available Modes:
  classic - The original customizable omega2 interface
  macrocycle - Conformer generation for macrocycles
  rocs - Optimal conformer generation for ROCS
  pose - Optimal conformer generation for molecular alignment
         and pose prediction by docking
  dense - Optimal conformer generation for FREEFORM

For more help type:
  oeomega classic --help
  oeomega macrocycle --help
  oeomega rocs --help
  oeomega pose --help
  oeomega dense --help

There are four help functions available for each mode:

Help functions:
  oeomega <mode> --help simple      : Get a list of simple parameters
  oeomega <mode> --help all         : Get a complete list of parameters
  oeomega <mode> --help <parameter> : Get detailed help on a parameter
  oeomega <mode> --help html        : Create an html help file for this program