VIDA 4.1.1

November 2011

New Features

  • Ability to save and restore preferences in extensions. Many of the example extensions were updated to make use of this new capability, and now preserve settings between VIDA sessions.

  • Capability to customize molecule lookup and property calculation functions in the builder.

  • Adjustable jitter and a new coloring method for grids rendered using the “cloud” style.

  • Ability to disable OpenGL hardware rendering via Preferences, to circumvent issues with certain video drivers (most notably, the Intel HD Graphics drivers for Windows).

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when performing distance selection on proteins.

  • Addressed an issue which could cause bond visibilities to become corrupted.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause long delays entering build mode in sessions with large molecules.

  • Multi-conformer molecules with child molecules were not being displayed properly in the List Window. This has been fixed.

  • Resolved a crash that could occur during torsion measurements on Linux machines.

  • Fixed a problem with excessive memory consumption when surfaces were scribed and cropped multiple times.

  • Corrected a severe slowdown caused by an interaction of some extensions with a molecule selection dialog.

  • Fixed an issue which made check-ins of multiconformer molecules very slow.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Changed the way FRED View displays binding site residues in the absence of a reference ligand.

  • Lasso selection in the 2D Sketcher was leaving hydrogens in the 3D window unselected. This has been corrected.

  • An issue preventing VIDA from reading files with capitalized or mixed-case file extensions was fixed.

  • A problem which caused torsion measurements on Windows platforms to be incorrectly rendered was fixed.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from being able to set surface coloring defaults.

  • Made performance improvements to some of the VIDA extensions.