VIDA 5.0.0

July 2021

New Features

  • VIDA has been updated and ships with the current toolkit release 2021.1.

  • VIDA has been updated to use Python 3.

  • VIDA has been updated to use Qt 5. In addition we have switched for PyQt to PySide2, providing full access to the Qt library via Python.

  • VIDA extensions have been updated to Python 3 and Qt 5.

  • VIDA now supports opening OEDesignUnits and recognized the OEDU file format. VIDA will also show OEReceptor information if stored on the OEDesignunit. OEDesignUnits will not be able to be saved in this release.

  • VIDA now supports opening MMCIF files.

  • File->Open Special->From PDB will now download an MMCIF file if a PDB file is not available for a particular PDB code.

  • Several toolbar icons have been updated

Major Bug Fixes

  • Improvements have been made regarding loading of state files

Removed features

  • Support for hardware stereo has been removed

  • The screenshot tool has been removed