Fall 2020

  • Minor internal improvements have been made.

OEDepict TK 2.4.5

Fall 2020

New features

  • A new function, OEGetLabelPosition, that identifies the position where atoms labels are added.

  • Approximately 40 new protective groups have been added to the namespace OEProtectiveGroupStyle.

  • A new function, OE2DMolDisplayOptions.HasProtectiveGroupStyle, has been added that determines whether a given protective group style has been set in OE2DMolDisplayOptions.

  • The function OE2DMolDisplayOptions.GetProtectiveGroupStyle has been deprecated. It can no longer be used to determine if multiple protective group styles from OEProtectiveGroupStyle have been set. OE2DMolDisplayOptions.HasProtectiveGroupStyle can now be used instead.

Minor bug fixes

  • An issue that caused OEPrepareAlignedDepiction to generate incorrect stereo depictions when OEPrepareDepictionOptions.SetClearCoords was set to false has been fixed.

  • Figures have been added to show depiction with and without the new protective groups to OEProtectiveGroupStyle.