SZYBKI 2.6.0

Minor bug fixes

  • OptLigandInDU no longer attempts to write an empty molecule in the output file when the optimization fails.

  • OptimizeDu now fails with an appropriate message when attempting to optimize an apo design unit.

Szybki TK

  • New constant SAGE_OPENFF210 has been introduced that refers to the Sage 2.1.0 force field. The constant SAGE_OPENFF now refers to this latest version of Sage force field.

Szybki TK

New features

Major bug fixes

  • An issue with the torsion scan (OETorsionScan) in solution with PB solvation has been fixed. It no longer incorrectly uses the MMFF94S potential even when scanning is done with the OpenFF force field.

  • An issue with hysteresis that in certain cases caused asymmetric torsion scans has been addressed by resetting to the starting angle before starting reverse scans.

Minor bug fixes

  • Better diagnostics have been added to OEFixedProteinLigandOptimizer when the optimization of a ligand in a fixed protein receptor fails due to an initial clash. An appropriate error code is now returned for such cases.

  • OEFlexProteinLigandOptimizer now provides an appropriate error code when asked to optimize a design unit that does not contain a ligand.