VIDA 2.0.2


  • Added “Style” menu to the main menubar which replicates the functionality of the style control (useful in low-resolution settings)

  • Added “Center” and “Color” options to the popup dialogs

  • Enabled display of named network drives in the file dialog

  • Enabled use of native file dialogs instead of custom VIDA file dialog as a preference.

  • Improved 3D visualization support for lower-end graphics cards

  • Increased default line width in 3D scene for better visibility

  • Enabled transparent display of grids (via the “Style” menu)

  • Added simple spreadsheet import preview dialog to help select the proper column delimiter (tab vs. comma)

  • Added SpreadsheetCurrentSet() function which allows specification of current spreadsheet via scripting interface

  • Improved the SD file reader for better handling of badly formatted SD files

  • Improved the handling of situations in which the atom indices specified in input files differ from the order in which they are specified

  • Improved start-up time as license detection mechanisms have been significantly improved

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed right-click on empty 2D depiction crash

  • Fixed spreadsheet import failure on linux

  • Fixed mainwindow snapshots such that file dialog does not obscure the image to be captured

  • Fixed license detection routines such VIDA will properly detect installed licenses and not cause start-up problems if the license file is moved

  • Fixed all other reported crashes not otherwise listed

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the detection of a user’s home directory in networked environments on Microsoft Windows

  • Fixed a bug in “measurement” mode where the first atom or bond picked was not being drawn as selected

  • Fixed a bug where spreadsheet filtering performed via the scripting interface would not behave as expected if the specified spreadsheet was not the same as the current spreadsheet

  • Fixed an uncommon situation in which the locked and visible controls in the list window do not work as expected

  • Fixed the handling of certain “escape characters” in filenames specified on the commandline, files dragged onto the VIDA icon, and the “” file such that they no longer prevent the opening of those files