VIDA 2.1.1


  • Filled out Sybyl mouse map in more detail

  • Added “fixed size text” option for labels (see Preferences) such that the label font size remains fixed independent of zooming in the scene, however the font size can be adjusted using the “Text Scale” slider in the Style Bar window

  • Added the ability to specify the font for labels when using “nice fonts” for labels (see Preferences)

  • Added a “custom” option to the atom and bond label dialogs to allow for easier specification of custom labels without having to use scripting commands

  • Improved the drawing of labels such that they always appear in front of the object they are labeling

  • Improved the ability to see the selected state of partially selected residues in the sequence view

  • Added file dialog filter option to allow reading of ASCII formatted grids (.agd)

  • Added support for native builds on Intel Macs

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with reading spreadsheet information in state files generated by VIDA 2.0.x which caused extra tabs to appear in the spreadsheet

  • Fixed a problem with writing spreadsheet information correctly in VIDA 2.1

  • Fixed a crash when reading a badly formatted state file (potentially generated by the bug fixed above)

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to import a nonstandard whitespace delimited spreadsheet (whitespace is not a supported spreadsheet delimiter)

  • Fixed a crash on certain video cards when attempting to display “fixed size text” labels

  • Fixed a crash caused by dragging state files onto the application icon in order to open them

  • Fixed an application hang when reading badly formatted XPLOR maps

  • Fixed an application hang when reading a badly formatted OEB file

  • Fixed a memory leak generated when running a large number of scripting commands

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where extra atom labels could appear on molecules when saved to state

  • Fixed a problem where CTRL-mouse over atom displays were not seen when using non-VIDA mouse maps

  • Fixed a bug in the “Text Scale” slider where its position did not always reflect the current scale being used

  • Fixed a bug where OE_DIR and OE_LICENSE environment variables were not being properly exported to the Process Manager on Mac OS X such that spawned applications could not find a valid oe_license.txt file

  • Fixed a bug where exporting a CSV file on Microsoft Windows attached an extra return character causing a blank line to appear between each row when read into Microsoft Excel

  • Fixed a few cases where the display of depictions in the spreadsheet was not obeying the set preferences

  • Fixed a bug where extra calls to undo cleared the redo stack

  • Turned off the writing of empty data fields when writing molecules to SD or OEB formats. This can be turned back on if truly desired from the Preferences