Results View

On the right hand side of the application is the results view.

Search Summary

The first row of the results view contains a depiction of the query molecule and a summary of the search, including any filters that were applied. If there is an exact match to the query molecule which passes the property filters this will always be in the second row.


The left hand column contains a depiction of the search results molecules. For an “Analog Search” the highlighting indicates the portion of the molecule which matches the ionizable region of the query molecule with the same color. For a “Substructure Search” the highlighting show the matching substructure. For a “Property Search” the highlighting corresponds to the resulting molecules individual ionizable regions, and is unrelated to any other molecules highlighting.

Double clicking the depiction will make the molecule the new query molecule.

Results Table

The right hand column contains a table enumerating all available measurements that pass the preference filter for the given molecule. Layout of the Results Table can be changed in the Preferences.

Double clicking the result table will open a detailed report of the selected molecule. More detail is given below.

The results view can be saved to PDF or CSV through the file menu.