VIDA 4.0.3

June 2010


  • Fixed extension loading to enforce rules more consistently & clearly. Added a dialog to notify a user when an extension fails to load at startup.

  • Menu items which throw exceptions other than a cancel runtime exception now will display a dialog rather than failing quietly.

  • Bookmark widget buttons are a touch larger to make them easier to click.

  • Augmented menu API to add functions MenuGetAllItems, MenuItemIsAMenu, MenuDisplayNameGet and MenuDisplayNameSet. It should now be possible to determine complete menu structure at runtime.

  • Sketching a new molecule is much improved. It now features a simple click and click-and-drag interface.

  • The invert stereo button in the 2D sketcher & 3D editor is now the default. It also has a slightly improved icon.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Hitting the down arrow in the spreadsheet could result in the current row being reset to the first row, making it impossible to scroll with the arrow keys.

  • After a lot of editing & deletion, the list window could end up with a corrupted display.

  • Some children objects were not properly preserving visibility in state files. Affected types included monitors, and surfaces and grids which were toggled in the style control.

  • Files containing Unicode characters previously might fail to load. They should now load properly.

  • Improperly constructed extensions could cause problems for the extension manager. The previously might look loaded even though they were not. VIDA now handles erroneous extensions correctly.

  • The right click “Minimize” option in builder mode attempted to call a non-existent function

  • Screenshots in .jpg format resulted in empty files on Microsoft Windows

  • In some cases, the save dialog would only allow a single item to be clicked.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Stereochemistry in the 2D depictions was not displayed in the spreadsheet or the 2D preview window.

  • On some platforms, the graphics widget that controls slabbing and depthcue in the style control can dramatically slow down VIDA, especially for spreadsheet operations. When it is collapsed, this slow down does not occur. As a temporary work around, the collapsed state of the style control (including the graphics widget) is now remembered between sessions.

  • Documented the AppVersion, AppVersionMajor, AppVersionMinor and AppVersionBugFix commands.